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Tri-State Students attended Carnegie Hall on June 12 compliments of Mr. Albano's Corporate Sponsors.  See "Lincoln News: Multimedia" for more information.  Concert was a huge success.  Thank you!

Mr. Albano is being honored by the prestigious Generoso Pope Foundation on Friday, November 12, 2010 at their Fifth Annual Scholarship Dinner.  PBS - Jim Lehrer NewsHour reporter John Merrow will introduce the honoree.  For further information call the foundation at 914-793-7777.  Dinner location: The Fountainhead - New Rochelle, NY

Welcome to the website of George C. Albano.  This site is intended to highlight the accomplishments and recipe for success of an educator who, for over 27 years, has served as principal of Lincoln Elementary School in Mount Vernon, New York.


"This is one of 4,000 schools in New York state but why can't they all be more like this one [Lincoln School]?"

- Quote to News12-TV by NY State Education Commissioner

Richard P. Mills who visited Lincoln Elementary School on 11/15/04


This 810-student school has been recognized as one of the only schools in New York State where test scores in all academic subjects are equally as high for minority as non-minority students.  Lincoln Elementary has successfully closed the achievement gap in all academic subjects to truly become a school where no child is left behind. 



"After 34 years in this profession, I can state unequivocally that George Albano is one of the best principals in this nation and that Lincoln Elementary School under his leadership is one of the best elementary schools in the nation..."

- Ronald O. Ross of the National Urban League 5/9/04


"If I could clone George Albano we wouldn't have any achievement problem in this country in the public schools"

- Quote by PBS-TV nationwide Jim Lehrer NewsHour guest

Ronald O. Ross of the National Urban League 11/12/03


For a comprehensive look at the Lincoln School culture that guarantees success for all children, please visit the Washington, D.C. - Educational Trust / Achievement Alliance report "We Can't Give Up on a Generation of Children."

Achievement Alliance Web Site; Article (PDF)  



170 East Lincoln Avenue

Mount Vernon, NY 10552