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“Principal George C. Albano, for over 27 years, has sought to level the playing field for his kids, many getting full scholarships to private schools and Ivy League colleges.  Technology has been the key to doing this."  

CBS-Nationwide TV "Market Watch Weekend"

Reporter: Paul Lin – 9/4/05

“Lincoln Elementary personifies what No Child Left Behind is all about.  Any time a school can close its achievement gap, it’s a great day in America.” Secretary Paige points to Lincoln School as an example of achievement. 

District Administration Magazine – quote by

U.S. Secretary of Education, Rod Paige – April 2004

“…a school that outperformed some of the elite public schools in the country”

The New York Times – 4/7/02


“…a very special school in Mount Vernon where everyone succeeds”

CBS-TV News – 4/26/02

“The principal was utterly devoted to the success of each student, and it showed," Mills said.  "It's a happy place, and it's a serious place and you can see that the improvement is intentional, with the educators there focused on data." 

Gannett Suburban Newspaper  – quote by

New York State Education Commissioner,

Richard P. Mills, who visited Lincoln School -

Newspaper 11/16/04, Editorial 11/18/04

“This is one of the 4,000 schools in New York State but why can't they all be more line this one (Lincoln School)?"  

News 12-TV in Westchester County, New York  – quote by

New York State Education Commissioner, Richard P. Mills,

who visited Lincoln School - Aired 11/15/04

“…one of the biggest school success stories in Westchester and Putnam Counties”

Gannett Suburban

Newspapers – 3/27/98

“…a school that is a shining example of educational excellence, crossing racial barriers and economic obstacles”

Westchester Parent

Magazine – Oct 2002

“ takes a large family to make successful kids ... one school (Lincoln) is at the head of the class, they owe it all to a very special partnership."

Fox News Channel Nationwide Special

(quote by Fox TV Special Commentator, Judith Regan) 10/10/04

“I wanted to find a kinder, gentler (Presidential/ Student Council) election that would rekindle my faith in the democratic process ... I found my kindler, gentler election at Lincoln Elementary School in Mount Vernon, New York."

This was a pre-United States of America Presidential Election - "60 Minutes" special "On the Campaign Trail."

"60 Minutes" Nationwide CBS-News Hour

(quote by Commentator, Steve Hartman) 10/13/04

“…this account most probably must be recorded as a story about love – for the children, first and foremost.”


The National Urban League (paperback) “Working Together:

A Model for School Reform” – 2002

“…Lincoln is a school with Ordinary Kids, Extraordinary Achievement, a Stunning Success Rate…how they do it will amaze and inspire you.”

CBS-TV Half-Hour News Special

(quote by Commentator, Morry Alter) – 2/22/03

“In 1999, Albano used the threat of higher state standards as leverage to launch intensive tutoring programs, adjust the curriculum to fit state standards and make sure all classes, including art and gym, pass along academic skills.  It worked: In 2002, 99% of the nearly 800 students scored at or above state standards.”

USA Today (Editorial) – 12/4/03

“…a school with outstanding test scores”

The Washington Post – 2/2/02

“…he made it his mission to insure that success cuts across lines of race and income.”

 PBS TV – Jim Lehrer NewsHour –

quote by News Commentator,

John Merrow about Albano - 11/12/03

“George Albano has it figured out, but if you’re hoping for a silver bullet, forget it.  It comes down to hard work; great and dedicated teachers; a thoughtful approach to testing; an integrated curriculum; lots of art, music, and physical education; the willingness to bend and break rules occasionally; and the complete refusal to let any child fail to learn.”

Phi Delta Kappan International Professional Journal for Education magazine,

cover story about George Albano and Lincoln School by

John Merrow, Peabody Award-winning reporter – Feb 2004