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UPCOMING: Concert at Carnegie Hall, Isaac Stern Auditorium, New York City, NY

International Award-Winning Classical Pianist, Katya Grineva, whose vision for this concert is to expose children to the "beauty and benefits of classical music."

Tickets to this magical evening are free for up to two children with paid adult admission!

George C. Albano, Chairperson

June 12, 2009

See: Information Flyer (PDF)

The Journal News: For Westchester, Rockland & Putnam Counties, New York State

"Reasons to be Thankful: Teacher thankful to Have a Job She Loves at Lincoln Elementary School For Over 23 Years"

November 28, 2008

See: Video; See: Article

The U.S. Department of Education features the U.S. Secretary of Education & Lincoln School in "Math and Science Education: Critical Skills for the 21st Century"

The U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C. featured Lincoln Elementary on their one-hour live "Education News - Parents Can Use" television show, which is beamed out live and/ or rebroadcast to 90% of U.S. homes. 

This prestigious show, which focuses on math and science education and features U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings premiered a five-minute "video story" about the good work that George Albano and staff are doing at Lincoln.  It specifically highlighted the ways in which Lincoln's attention to high standards and provisions of world-class science-learning resources and strategies - like their Planetarium, chess playing and science fair - are boosting math and science achievement at the school.  The school was chosen among literally every other school in the country because it serves as a national example of "what works" in public education, particularly around science.

Producer: Elliot Smalley

Original live broadcast on February 20, 2007

See: Link to 5 Minute Video

See: Full Show [Includes interview with U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, an interview on Lincoln with Mount Vernon Superintendent, Brenda Smith and the exclusive "video story" of the Lincoln School Success story.] "Shiller Math Behind the News", International Live Internet Show

Larry Shiller and George Albano, nationally recognized educational reformist and pioneer in closing elementary achievement gaps across all academic subjects and backgrounds, discussed how to make the United States #1 in mathematics. 

Live show on October 23, 2007 - 6:00 p.m.

The Journal News: For Westchester, Rockland & Putnam Counties, New York State

"Remembrance: Students at Lincoln School Write Poems about Coretta Scott King"

February 1, 2006

See: Slideshow

The Journal News: For Westchester, Rockland & Putnam Counties, New York State

"We are Winners: Lincoln Elementary School Chess Program"

January 27, 2006

See: Slideshow