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 "Education News - Parents Can Use"

A nationwide news (T.V. & internet) program; February 20, 2007

Topic: The U.S. Department of Education presents "Math and Science Education: Critical Skills for the 21st Century."  Lincoln Elementary is featured on their one-hour live "Educational News - Parents Can Use" television show, which is beamed out live and/ or rebroadcast to 90% of U.S. homes.

Host: U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings and Mount Vernon Superintendent of Schools Brenda Smith discuss "The Lincoln Success Story."  Includes a live exclusive video visit to Lincoln in Mount Vernon, NY. 

News Commentator: Washington D.C. reporter, Doris McMillion

Producer: Elliot Smalley  "Shiller Math Behind the News"

International internet show; Live show on October 23, 2007 - 6:00 p.m.

Topic: Larry Shiller and George Albano, nationally recognized educational reformist and pioneer in closing elementary achievement gaps across all academic subjects and backgrounds, discussed how to make the United States #1 in mathematics.   

Host: Larry Shiller



CBS – "Market Watch Weekend" nationwide news; September 4, 2005

Topic: "Reading, Writing, and Technology" an in-depth look at trends in technology and how they affect our nation's schools.  The viewer learns how the Lincoln School Principal, George C. Albano uses entrepreneurship to bring technology to his school. 

Host: Alexis Christoforous

News Reporter: Paul Lin

NEWS-12-TV, aired November 14 and 15, 2004

Topic: New York State Education Commissioner, Richard P. Mills, visits Lincoln School to study its recipe for success.   

News Commentator: Lauren Brown

CBS – "60 MINUTES" special nationwide; October 13, 2004

Topic: An in-depth look at a school-wide election for Student Council held at Lincoln Elementary School in Mount Vernon, NY. 

Lincoln, a high-performing, progressive urban elementary school, not only prides itself in developing its students academically; socially; and morally, but also teaches each child the importance of civic responsibility and voting.

News Commentator: Steve Hartman

FOX – News Channel nationwide; October 10, 2004

Topic: “Spoiled Rotten Kids: Taking Control” – An in-depth look at the important role parents play in the social, moral and academic development of their children.

Host: Judith Regan

PBS – Jim Lehrer NewsHournationwide; November 12, 2003

Topic: “Closing the Achievement Gap”

News Commentator: John Merrow

See: Online Feature

CBS – Half-Hour special; February 22, 2003

Topic: “The Lincoln School Success Story – The Recipe for Success”

News Commentator: Morry Alter

CBS – News special; April 26, 2002, 5 p.m.




WOR – Joey Reynolds – Live Talk Show

Topic: This syndicated talk show airs late night Mon – Fri nationwide.  Mr. Albano is a regular guest & discusses educational issues with Mr. Reynolds and his other guest.

Commentator/Host: Joey Reynolds

Co-Host for Education: George Albano

See: Joey Reynolds Website




 “It's Being Done: Academic Success in Unexpected Schools” by Karin Chenoweth

Lincoln Elementary School is featured in a new book from Harvard Educational Press, along with more than a dozen other high-poverty or high-minority schools that are dispelling the myth that students of poverty and students of color are incapable of meeting the learning standards that white, middle-class children meet.

Author: Karin Chenoweth is a writer for "Achievement Alliance" in Washington, D.C. She is a former educational writer for The Washington Post and former senior writer and executive editor of "Black Issue in Higher Education" (now Diverse). 

Publication and release: Harvard Educational Press; Cambridge, MA; Copyright 2007

Available: Harvard Educational Press or

 “Teaching in America,” 4th edition

Author: George S. Morrison Ed.D.; University of North Texas,

Professor & Chairperson, Early Childhood Education department

Topic: Mr. Albano is a contributing writer in this publication which is designed for students who are studying to be teachers, PreK – 12.  Areas covered include: The importance of schools in society; What are the key factor for making schools successful today?; and What are the aims of educators at Lincoln School and in general?

Publication and release: Allyn & Bacon; Spring 2005