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These are just a few of the hundreds of letters sent to Principal Albano in response to the Lincoln School success story from:

• Individuals responding to speaking engagements

• Educators who visited the school

• Parents of former Lincoln students

• Individuals throughout the nation




"On behalf of our College of Education and Health Sciences, Bradley University, and the Peoria regional community, I wish to thank you for your dynamic presentation at our Peoria NEXT Discovery Forum on April 29, 2005.  With the theme of the Discovery Forum, 'The Celebration of the Art and Science of Life,' your presentation focused on all areas and brought participants to their feet in a standing ovation, which was the only standing ovation that day.  Your passion for the profession of education and for young people hit a cord with the thousand participants who were scientists, engineers, artists, educators, and many community leaders from a variety of fields."

Bradley University, Peoria, IL

Joan L. Sattler (Professor of Education and Dean), 6/21/05

Letter (PDF)

"The evaluations were outstanding for your presentation, and I have received comments everywhere I go about how dynamic you were and what an impression it made upon them from scientists, to artists, to educators, and administrators." [email excerpt]

Bradley University, Peoria, IL

Joan L. Sattler (Professor of Education and Dean), 5/23/05

"...You demonstrated that 'all children can learn' is more than a pleasant-sounding adage.  The phrase has real meaning at Lincoln Elementary School..."

Hommocks Middle School, Larchmont, NY

Dr. Seth Weitzman (Principal), 11/19/04

Letter (PDF)

"...Your participation (in our press conference) helped send a clear message about the importance of high expectations for all children.  We are deeply grateful, both for your willingness to be with us, and for the thoughtfulness of your presentation..."

The Educational Trust, Washington, DC

Kati Haycock (Director), 11/25/03

Letter (PDF)

Select commentary from 350 participants representing 28 teams of educators:

- Great role model for administrators!

- His is a man who truly believes in his students and teachers.

- Great inspiration!

- Wonderful.  WOW!

- There is hope!

- Should have had Mr. Albano all day.

- The presentation was great.

- Fantastic!  It would have been wonderful to have had the entire day with him.

National Education Association (NEA), Washington, DC

Response to May 2004 NEA conference, Colorado Springs, CO

Mr. Albano's evaluations, 5/26/04

Letter (PDF); Evaluation (PDF)




"he (Mr. Albano) inspires his teachers and the parents to be active in the educational process.  He helps them succeed and thus, his students succeed.  The difference is one man’s commitment to do what it takes.”

Ms. Inky Weiss

Westchester Community Partners

Volunteer (WVP), 8/6/10

Letter (PDF)

"George Albano is a close friend of Joey Reynolds and both Joey and the show's (WOR) producers have long sung praises about him and his school...Albano has been remarkably successful in providing his students with superior skills in the subjects taught at his schools...and even other fields such as chess...and exposing them to cultural performances of the highest caliber.  The short stories written by the school's second graders that I saw rivaled the output of very capable middle school students from other public schools and were better than what many students in high school often produce..."

Celvin Soling

Harvard University Educator, CEO - Spectacle Films and Film Producer & Director, 6/14/10

Letter (PDF)

"I would like to thank you for making our visit to your school very special; the memory will have a lasting impact on us..."

Mrs. J. Thomas & Mr. Ian Mullaney

London, England School Sytem - Headmaster & Deputy Head, 6/14/10

Letter (PDF)

"The students at Lincoln Elementary School are exceptional, and the excitement they have for learning is evident on thier faces...I hope that someday we may achieve the same level of excellence at Hamilton Avenue school in Greenwich, Connecticut..

Dawn Turner

PTA Activist, Greenwich CT schools, Real Estate Broker & Elementary School Parent, 6/12/10

Letter (PDF)

"It is hard to put into words what you have created within the four walls on 170 East Lincoln Avenue.  Lincoln Elementary is a school that many administrators dream of creating.  The success of Lincoln extends beyond the academics...Students want to be there to learn...teachers want to be there to teach...parents are proud to say their child is a member of the Lincoln Community.  It is a dream to be a leader of a school like Lincoln... visits to your school, discussions with your staff and watching you in action, is making that dream more of a reality.  Thank you."

Johnson City Primary School

Daniel Erickson (Principal), 10/15/09

"To be concise, Lincoln School is the embodiment of what is right and good about education."

Hamburg School, Hamburg, NJ

Steven Engravalle (Chief School Administrator), 9/29/09

Letter (PDF)

"I remain inspired...I can close my eyes and see the colorful hallways, children artwork and writings proudly displayed EVERYWHERE.  You have a small piece of heaven there - one that our school can hope to imitate."

Hamburg School, Hamburg, NJ

Dawn O'Grady (Board of Education Member), 3/25/09

Letter (PDF)

"On behalf of my teachers and administrators, I would like to personally thank you for the wonderful opportunity you graciously afforded us to visit your amazing school.  The work that your staff and students do on a daily basis are all testaments to the fact that all children can meet high expectations given excellent instruction and a strong, supportive learning environment.  Your vision of Lincoln Elementary School is evident in the faces of the children, in the student work displayed throughout the school, and in the passion and energy generated from you and your staff."

Johnson City Central School District, Johnson City, NY

Mary Kay Frys (Superintendent of Schools), 11/6/07

Letter (PDF)

"Thank you for the opportunity to see the 'miracles' you've created at Lincoln School.  I was impressed with so many aspects of the environment and am especially thankful for the warm welcome you gave us.  I was refreshed after the visit, even after waking at 4:00 a.m.!  I was able to 'see' what Dan & I 'dream' (Dan Erickson, Principal)."

Johnson City Central School District, Johnson City, NY

Tracy D'Arpino (Intermediate Administrator), 11/7/07

"... I want to thank you, the staff and student body of Lincoln Elementary School for making our extraordinary experience...You and your team provided us with an invaluable experience...Lincoln Elementary School is a rare treasure.  Its secrets should be open to all educators to see."

State Board of Education, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Jim Buckheit (Executive Director), 2/2/05

Letter_Pg1 (PDF); Letter_Pg2 (PDF)

"Lincoln Schools is obviously the 'center of the universe' for the student body and its outstanding faculty..."

Meadowbrook School, East Meadow, NY

Dr. Thomas E. Mangano (Principal), 6/10/04

Letter (PDF)

"Lincoln is a place where children are encouraged to learn, given the tools to learn and enjoy the experience of acquiring knowledge and life skills..."

Norwalk Public Schools, Norwalk, CT

Hugh McKiernan (Director of Elementary Education), 12/23/03

Letter (PDF)

"What I really saw were students totally in love with learning, excited about learning, happy about knowing, and eager to learn more...To the rest of the world this school must seem like nothing less than a paradox - a place both quiet and exciting; a place where cultivating a student's mind and a student's character happen at the same time; a place of real diversity of every kind where the only competition I could see was to be better; a place with a strong principal who has the affection and respect of his teachers and staff; a school with a principal whose intrusions aren't intrusions at all, but welcome; and a place that was so successful in teaching, learning and character building that the neighboring parochial school has since closed its doors.  I'm sure, I'm sure, there are things amiss at Lincoln School and limitations to George's leadership, but I'll be hanged if I know what they are..."

John Agresto, Ph.D.

Chairperson of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Washington D.C.,

President, St. John's College, Santa Fe, NM

 Senior Research Scholar in the Liberal Arts, Wabash College, Crawfordsville, IN, 2/01/03

Letter, Pg. 1 (PDF) Letter, Pg. 2 (PDF)

"After 34 years in this profession, I can state unequivocally that George Albano is one of the best principals in this nation and that Lincoln Elementary School under his leadership is one of the best elementary schools in the nation..."

National Urban League, New York, NY

Ronald O. Ross ( Distinguished Fellow for Urban Educational Reform), 5/09/04

Letter (PDF)

"...On behalf of the Stillmeadow team who visited your school, I am expressing my deep appreciation for the time and attention you and your staff afforded us.  We left your school deeply impressed with your instructional program and your profound commitment to ensure success for all students who attend Lincoln Elementary School..."

Stillmeadow School, Stamford, CT

Michael J. Sanders, PhD. (Principal), 12/12/03

Letter (PDF)

"...Our visit to Lincoln Elementary School was a very exciting and rewarding experience for both of us.  We were tremendously impressed by your strong commitment to educate every child to very high achievement levels, in a wonderfully diverse school setting...The school has an outstanding literacy program; the K-6 writing program is especially remarkable..."

The State Education Department, Albany, NY

James R. Butterworth (Assistant Commissioner of Middle, Secondary, and Continuing Education) and Rebecca Gardner (Team Leader, office of Student Support Services), 6/23/03

Letter (PDF)

"...I was impressed by the dedication of your staff and the motivation of your students...Our visit was inspirational and motivational..."

Hart Magnet School, Stamford, CT

Sara Messier, PhD. (Program Improvement Planner, Technology Teacher), 12/08/03

Letter (PDF)

"We are eager to implement some changes here at Eldorado based on our visit to Lincoln School.  Upon our return, many of us shared our excitement with other schools within our district; be prepared for an onslaught of visitors!!!"

Eldorado Elementary School, Chestnut Ridge, NY

Barbara S. Craft (Principal), 3/28/03

Letter (PDF)




"I just wanted to thank you and your tireless staff, for all of the hard work, time and sacrifice you put forth daily, on behalf of our children.  I am extremely grateful."

Elizabeth Maynard, Lincoln School Parent, 5/14/09

Letter (PDF)

"My husband and I have always thought highly of Lincoln School.  The obvious direction of your staff instilled a great amount of knowledge into my little sweet girl.  We were sorry to leave that school..."

"...To my dismay, the curriculum leaves a lot to be desired in our new school district...I just wanted to let you know, Mr. Albano, that Lincoln School has provided my child with a great start in her educational career; but not only that, it is greatly superior in its educational approach (in my eyes)...We greatly miss your school."

(this family moved to an affluent district in Westchester County, NY)

Marissa Torres, Lincoln School Parent, 5/16/97

Letter, Pg. 1 (PDF) Letter, Pg. 2 (PDF)

"You've provided my daughter, Jesse, with the kind of male leadership we can all appreciate.  One mixed with gentleness, humor and fairness."

Susan Cristantiello, Lincoln School Parent, 6/24/94

Letter (PDF)




"I am...studying to become a teacher.  I was required to watch a video about your school...for one of my eduducation classes...Your words brought me tears and motivation.  I hope to one day teach in a school where the principal will be as inspiring and forward a thinker as you.  I think what you are doing is wonderful and pray that you will keep doing what you are doing and inspire others to follow.  Thank you so much and God Bless you, your family, and school."

Jessica Gavilan, 3rd Year Student at the University of California, Riverside

Email excerpt, 10/4/07

"...Congratulations on the outstanding success of Lincoln Elementary School..."

The New York City Department of Education

Joel I. Klein, Chancellor, 12/16/04

Letter (PDF)

"I greatly enjoyed the piece on your program on the Lehrer News Hour.  Your talent, dedication and leadership serve as a model for public education across the country.  Your school is a very bright spot in the progressively darkening world of pre-college public education.  You have demonstrated that the inspired efforts of one person can make a difference."

The Partnership Scholars - An all-volunteer pre-college education program; Little River, CA

Glenn A. Langer, MD (President/ Director), 11/19/03

Letter (PDF)

"I read with much interest the 'Meeting Superman' article written by John Merrow in February's issue of Phi Delta Kappan.  I don't often read all the articles in the magazine but this one caught my attention, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading a success story despite all the odds you face!  It seems you definitely have earned the title as 'Superman!' I commend you, your faculty, and your students for your hard work and efforts.  It is always rewarding to see the school and community working closely for success as well."

Brookville High School, Lynchburg, Virginia

Carol P. Stone (Secondary Education)

Letter (PDF)

"What a wonderful leader you are, to finally see that all children are entitled to have an education...a sixty year old minority woman who got cheated out of a good education over 50 years ago.  Thanks."

Gloria Cole-Smith, Brick, NJ, 11/13/03

Letter (PDF)

"I watched the awesome report on PBS last evening about the incredible work you are doing at Lincoln School."

Debbie Mills, San Diego, CA, 11/13/03

Letter (PDF)

"The Miracle on East Lincoln Avenue."

"...So then, what of the miracle?  In this time and place, the travelers witnessed the miracle on East Lincoln Avenue - that no matter what differences the children come bearing to school - and we must here pay tribute to that great proclamation - 'Brown vs. The Board of Education,' we will see the miracle of equal performance of all children, not only through integration but by equal treatment, respect, high expectations and by the hard work of principals like Mr. Albano of the Lincoln Avenue School, Mount Vernon, New York, and his amazing, talented staff.  (No excuses, that the parents aren't interested, language problems and some children can't learn, heard here.)"

Helicon Records, Ltd.,  Helicon for Young People

(this letter sent to editor of NY Times)

Roselyn Katz, M.A. Educational Psychology, 5/16/03

Letter (PDF)

"I have just seen the piece on public television about the way you have realized the dream of educators and parents and children alike.  BRAVO...I have never in my life written such a letter - ever - but I just had to thank you for what you are doing for all children..."

Virginia F. Pusey, Berwyn, PA, 11/12/03

Letter (PDF)

"I just want to say how impressed I am after watching the piece on Principal, Mr. George Albano.  What a great man.  How he inspired me!"

"I am impressed with what you reported about Lincoln School.  I am the Principal of a small school in Queensland, Australia..."

Emails to The Journal News, 11/03

From San Jose, CA and Queensland Australia

Emails (PDF)